Bidding Rules

RULES 00001

Question: Will all products be offered for sale simultaneously during the auction? Will different prices be associated with the products?

Answer: All SO2 products will be offered for sale simultaneously, and all NOx products will be offered for sale simultaneously. The SO2 products are expected to be auctioned first followed shortly by the auctioning of NOx products. Each product can have its own price.

RULES 00002

Question: Are there reserve prices that will be revealed to bidders?

Answer: Any reserve prices will not be revealed to bidders.

RULES 00003

Question: How will I be able to place my bids during the auction?

Answer: The auction will be conducted through a secure bidding Website that can be accessed with standard Web browsers. Bidders will be given unique login credentials that they will use to access the bidding Website to submit their bids during the auction.

RULES 00004

Question: Will I be able to see the identities of the other bidders?

Answer: No, each bidder will not see the identities of other bidders and will not see bids by other bidders.

RULES 00005

Question: Are there bidding limits? If so, how are they determined?

Answer: Yes, each bidder will have a maximum number of emission allowances they will be allowed to bid: a maximum number they will be allowed to bid in the SO2 auction and a maximum number they will be allowed to bid in the NOx auction. These limits will be determined during the Bidder Application process.

RULES 00006

Question: Is there a minimum quantity bid requirement a bidder must bid in submitting a bid?

Answer: Yes, if a bidder submits a bid in the SO2 auction, it must bid at least 500 allowances across the products in the SO2 auction. If a bidder submits a bid in the NOx auction, it must bid at least 200 allowances across the products in the NOx auction.

RULES 00007

Question: If I drop out of the auction following a particular round, will I be able to follow the rest of the auction or will I be disconnected from the auction?

Answer: If and when it is no longer possible for you to win any allowances, you no longer will have access to the bidding Website and you will not be able to follow the rest of the auction.

FAQs Disclaimer

The information presented and distributed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) may be subject to modifications and/or amendments and is provided for informational purposes only. The information provided in the course of the Auction, or on the Auction Information Website, has been prepared to assist bidders in evaluating the Auction. It does not purport to contain all the information that may be relevant to a bidder in satisfying its due diligence efforts. Neither FirstEnergy Solutions nor the Auction Manager make any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, and shall not, either individually or as a corporation, be liable for any representation expressed or implied in the Auction or any omissions from the Auction, or any information provided to a bidder by any other source. A bidder should check the Auction Information Website frequently to ensure it has the latest documentation and information. Neither FirstEnergy Solutions, nor the Auction Manager, nor any of their representatives, shall be liable to a bidder or any of its representatives for any consequences relating to or arising from the bidder’s use of outdated information. The information is not intended to form any part of the basis of any investment decision, valuation or any bid that may be submitted during the Auction process. Each recipient should not rely solely on this information and should make its own independent assessment of the potential value of the CSAPR emission allowances in the Auction after making all investigations it deems necessary.

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